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Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media is a business marketing book aimed for any company c-suite, executive & senior level management as well as both accomplished and novice marketers who want to learn the ins and outs of being successful with marketing plans that involve social media.
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Today’s three tips come from chapter 16, “Everyone in Your company Has a Stake in Your Social Media Strategy” in the book, Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  It’s not just your marketing team that is going to determine the success or the failure of your social media marketing strategy, even the person who sorts the mail in your mail room can have some kind of an affect on your efforts.  This is a very important thing to keep in mind, social media is affecting everyone’s lives who has a computer and access to the internet because they want to share & engage with others in their networks.

The three tips from chapter 16 in today’s video only brush the surface of the full chapter, there’s a lot more discussed in the chapter about what to look out for, how to plan and deal with the fact that your employees will talk about you after they leave the office and get home and log into Facebook, Twitter or even an online forum.  Lets take a look at today’s three tips:

  1. Not All Users Are From Generation Y or the Millennials
  2. The C-Suite Needs to Be Involved
  3. Any Position Within Your Company Can Have an Adverse Affect on Your Social Media Strategy

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