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Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media is a business marketing book aimed for any company c-suite, executive & senior level management as well as both accomplished and novice marketers who want to learn the ins and outs of being successful with marketing plans that involve social media.
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Social Snap - Social Media Monitoring & Measuring DashboardTwo weeks ago I had the delightful opportunity to be interviewed for WebMaster Radio‘s Cover Story by Meg Walker (who’s the Director of Online Marketing at PR Web).  We got to talk about a lot of different things that have to deal with Social Media and how to market, plan strategies, use tools and even about writing this book.  The interview runs about a half an hour so if you have the time, let it play in the background.

In the interview I talk about some tips you can integrate into your social media marketing strategy.  I also talk about what you’ll find in the upcoming in Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  Then in the last segment I talk about Social Snap.  What’s Social Snap?  Well it’s a tool that’s going to be very valuable to any marketer who’s venturing into online marketing, especially social media.  Social Snap is a social media  monitoring & measuring dashboard tool that allows marketers, senior level and c-level management to easily be able to see how their social media marketing tactics are performing.  Not only that, but it combines buzz monitoring and analytics into the mix.  One stop shopping… so to speak.

Want to learn more about Social Snap?  Drop me a line on the contact page and I’ll get you more information. :)

Take a listen to the interview in the meantime to learn about Social Snap, the book and get some more tips!  (Just hit the little play button to get started)

If you happen to be at Social Media Plus today and have some time, feel free to stop at the Serengeti Communications booth and say “hi!”, come and learn about Social Snap, or come to my session at 4 p.m. and introduce yourself! In the mean time, here’s today’s edition of 45 Social Media Insights Over 45 Days.

Today’s Social Media Insight is all about chapter 38 in the book Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media which is all about Aligning Your Offline Strategies with Your Social Media Strategy.  This means your traditional marketing efforts need to work hand in hand with what you are planning to do in social media.  In today’s word, neither of these efforts can operate in a vacuum anymore.  Today’s three tips are:

  1. Social Media Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum
  2. People Consume  Media in Many Different Formats
  3. Your Offline Events Can Matter Online

These tips can give you a glimpse into this rather complex issue, the full chapter in the book dives deeper into the overall subject.

Video transcript after the jump…

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