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Chances go by every day to turn pissed off customers into raving fans, and companies continually miss these opportunities because they are very fearful of the answer to “Why Don’t You Like Me?”.  Actually, lets face it, everyone doesn’t want to hear about all of their flaws, so it is just common nature.

Chapter 32 “Ask the Audience” in the book Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media, explores reasons why and how you should go about asking the audience questions.  If you are going to be successful in social media marketing you’ll have to break out of that mold of avoiding asking why, and start asking it and truly listening to the replies.  What will happen when you do and actually act upon those reason will surprise you, you just might find yourself with a few evangelists on your hands.

Today’s three high level tips are:

  1. Don’t Avoid Why They Don’t Like You
  2. Ask How You Can Improve
  3. Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Full video transcript after the jump…

Chapter 32:  Ask the Audience Video Transcript

Hi I’m Li Evans and I’m author of Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  I’m here with the 45 Social Media Insights Over 45 Days which is a video series that highlights a chapter in the book each day in two to three minutes with 3 high level tips.  You can find this video and other videos at SMMarketingBook.com which is a site that supports the book.  So what chapter are we taking a look at today?  Well that’s chapter 32, “Ask the Audience“.

Tip number one that I have for you in this chapter is “Don’t Avoid Why They Don’t Like You“.  You would be amazed what you can learn about why people don’t like you.  What you can learn about your product, what the misconceptions are, what people think about it that basically could be wrong, that they’ve been lead to believe something about your product.  So don’t avoid those reasons why people don’t like you, in fact, engage with those people because its a chance to chance those people who don’t like you into raving fans.

Tip number two, “Ask How You Can Improve“.  This is really important because a lot of times companies don’t think their audience hold the keys on how they can improve, they think its internally how they can improve their product.  A lot of times the greatest, the simplest, little things in improving products comes from your audiences, comes direct from your customers. So make sure you ask your audience  how you can improve yourself and your company and your brand and your services.

Tip number three is “Give Credit Where Credit Is Due“.  If your audience is helping you either with your marketing or improving your products, make sure you give them the credit.  Give them some kind of reward or make sure on your site or on your blog that you actually acknowledge that these people helped you somewhere along the line.  That’s what social media is all about, sharing those experiences and giving credit where credit is due.

So that’s chapter 32, “Ask the Audience” in the book Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  I’m Li Evans and I’m author of that book and this is a series of videos called 45 Social Media Insights Over 45 Days which can be found on SMMarketingBook.com.  Stop back tomorrow I’ll have another video for you.

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