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People come together in social media communities to share their experiences and engage with others about those experiences.  A lot of times they come to these places of comfort to find like minded individuals who they can commiserate with about ideas, thoughts, information, tips or tricks around the things they are very passionate about.  They come to share, to communicate, to experience and most of all to be together.

They don’t go to social media communities to be marketed to.

Sometimes marketers can have the mistaken thought that they are going to be willingly accepted into a community because they announce that they “have arrived” or they set up an account, or they have special discounts for “fans”.  People in social media communities not only want more from marketers that are now injecting themselves into their social media communities, but they expect more.

Today’s three high level tips revolve around chapter 34 “People Don’t Want to be Marketed To” in  Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  The chapter really focuses on understanding that coming into social media communities with the idea of pushing a marketing message is just really the wrong approach to take:

  1. Let the Rules Help You
  2. Don’t Just Push Your Agenda
  3. Be An Asset

Full video transcript after the jump

Chapter 34:  People Don’t Want To Be Marketed To Video Transcript

Hi I’m Liana Evans and I’m author of Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media.  I’m back with another set of tips for Chapter 34, in the series 45 Social Media Insights Over 45 Days.  These videos highlight different chapters of the book every day, until the book is released which is on June 24th, 2010 and you can find these videos at SMMarketingBook.com.  So we’re looking at chapter 24 today which is “People Don’t Want to Be Marketed To“.  What are the three tips I have for you?

Well lets take a look at number one.  Number one is “Let the Rules Help You“.  The rules are there for a reason, whether its Facebook’s terms of service,  or its a forum’s rules that they posted at the top of the forums that they say read this first, let those rules help you. They’ll keep you out of a lot of trouble and they will actually help guide you.

The second tip I have for you is “Don’t Just Push Your Own Agenda“.   When you’re in these communities it’s about sharing.  Its about engaging with people.  If you’re just there to saying anything about “Me, Me, Me”, people are going to notice that and they are really not going to want to engage with you anymore.  Don’t just be there to push your own agenda, be there to engage with people.

The third and final tip I have for you in this chapter is “Be An Asset“.   This means you want people to find you valuable.  You want people to seek you out and look for answers to their questions or how do they want to do something.  They want to actually want to seek out and share their experience with you.  You want to make sure you are an asset in the community you are engaging with.

So that’s your three tips for chapter 34, People Don’t Want To Be Marketed To, in the book Social Media Marketing:  Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media. You can find this video and other videos  at SMMarketingBook.com. I’m Li Evans and I’ll have another video for you tomorrow.

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