Facebook Campaign Landing – Increase your Conversions by 247%!

If you’re using Facebook Ads or you’re just starting out, you should know a few things. Facebook Ads can give you a really high Return on Investment if and only if:

  • You get a good CTR and CPM
  • Your landing page is good, unless you’re buying likes
  • Your offer is good = sales = profit

Without a good ad creative, or a good landing page, all of your efforts are going down to the toilet and your ROI will be lower than expected. You’re going to probably lose money, but not for a long time if you follow this simple tricks:

How to increase your Facebook Campaign CTR

Tip 1: Create a great Ad that appeals to your audience and target based on interests, countries and ages. Always target people in the same country and separate the ads. After you have spent $10 or more, go to your Facebook Reports Dashboard and check the ages and genders that are getting you more clicks and conversions

Tip 2: Use a clear Call to Action. You have no idea how many people fail to do this. They want their audience to click or buy something, but never say it. If you want someone to LIKE your fan page, then tell them to do so and why it will be a perfect fit for them.

Tip 3: Use red (or any other color) borders in your Ads. No matter if you’re using a newsfeed Ad or a Right Hand Side Ad, use an appealing border color to grab their attention and increase your CTR. This will decrease your CPM and your earnings will increase overall.

Tip 4: Use a popular spy tool to check other banners from the competition. You can use a research tool to spy thousands of campaigns, including their landing pages, banners and audience.

All those tips will help you build faster and profitable Facebook viral websites to earn money.

How to increase your Facebook Campaign Landing conversion Rate

Tip 1: Have a title, subtitle and a strong call to action. I recommend Optimize Press to build your landing pages and get a conversion rate of 60% or more.

Tip 2: Don’t ask for information you don’t need. If you need a person to submit his email, don’t ask him for his name, surname and zip code. Your conversion rate will increase as long as you do make it easy for them to fill. You can even create a Facebook App so they don’t need to write down their email and instead, connect instantly.

Tip 3: If you’re building a Double Opt In list, then don’t forget to tell them how to confirm their subscription in the thank you page. Offer something free to download as soon as they subscribe so that they feel you’re giving extra value to them. You can use a guide or just give away a PDF based on their interests.

Tip 4: Don’t put Social Icons or similar things that just distract your visitors. Focus on 1 thing at a time.

How to create a long term business with list building, ad networks and CPA offers.

Tip 1: Build a list. The money is on the list. If you’re growing Facebook Fanpages, then make a list after you have a few thousand fans. Your Ad will be cheaper if you target your fans instead of new people.

Tip 2: Send your fans to Twitter or Google+. You never know when Facebook will change their algorithm and make your fans more difficult to reach.

Tip 3: Use a retargeting pixel. Create a retargeting pixel and build a FB audience of the people who are visiting your landing page or any other page of your website. Some of them might not buy from you or subscribe the first time, but they’re more likely to do so when they have visited you before, and the FB ads will be cheaper too.

Check out this case study where a user signed up with Propeller Ads to monetize his viral traffic and made up to $300 per day.


Always split test and optimize your Facebook Campaigns. learn to use the Facebook Ads Manager if possible, but focus on getting a high CTR and a great conversion rate first. Get a cheap VPS so your landing pages load fast (you never know when your fans are reading you via mobile devices) and spy your competition to get some ideas and inspiration. Let’s make some money with Facebook Campaign Landing!

P.S. For basic information on how Facebook Ads work, check this article.